Halloween 2003

On the spooky Halloween night of October 31, 2003 the Hyattville Community Center played host to a fun, event-filled Halloween party that was enjoyed by trick or treaters of all ages. Dave Taylor engineered and organized a great spook alley. Dave recruited many volunteers from the community to serve as his cast. Chance Darling, played the part of the Invisible Man. The Witch (Judy Nielsen) was trying to brew up a dinner of human stew while Dr. Frankenstein's monster (Rene Baumeister) was breaking free of his chains and trying to get a brain from one of the visitors. Alden Lanier played the part of Dr. Frankenstein. The Grim Reaper (Guy Tharp) tried to fill up one more empty coffin, and Brian Pryor was the Mummy of Farrow, and Dave Taylor was the WWI Flying "Duece" who was bringing up the rear. Julie Greer, Witch Hazel, enticed unwitting visitors to experience the horrors of the alley by using the ever popular spell binding witches voice. The WWI Flying Deuce and Witch Hazel guided approximately 60 folks through the dark, scary alley.

Kelli Mercer and Kelly Darling organized a gang of 4-Her's to decorate the Community Center for the occasion. The 4-H group also provided games for the small children and treats and drinks for all.

The next Halloween brought the little ghosts and goblins together once more for some Halloween treats, games, and fun. Julie Greer directed the kids in a "Pin-the-Nose on the Pumpkin" game and a cake walk that resulted in many participants going home with a wonderful treat.  
                                                             Emma Mercer                     Jordan Herman                                    
                                                                                                                            and Skylar Tharp

                                                            Royce Mercer                                Wyatt Bolken