Hyattville's First Annual Christmas Festival

Kathy Bailey                       Sandy Shelhamer     Virgil Bailey    

Hyattville's first annual Christmas Festival was held at the Community center on December 21, 2003 with over one-hundred people in attendance. The evening started off with an old-fashioned wagon ride, courtesy of Keith Hamilton. The group toured the town caroling to the locals that were still at home snuggled up by their warm fires. The chilly singers stopped by the Jack and Ann Joyce residence for hot cider before returning to the Community center and a chili supper prepared by Julie Greer and the cooks.

The evening talent began with the singing of The Twelve Days of Christmas. Everyone was given a line to sing and it was a great way to get everyone involved in the festivities. The Hyattville Choir organized by Julie Greer, sang a couple of fun Christmas numbers. Jack Preston served as the accompanist for the evening. Youth talent included Catlin Caines playing the flute and Darby Greer singing. JD Libbey recited a poem and Virgil and Kathy Bailey, Julie Greer, and Sandy Shelhamer did several numbers for the group. The evening ended with Santa Claus making his deliveries to all the children. Delicious Christmas cookies made by participants were served and enjoyed by all.

The second annual Christmas Festival was held in December of 2004 with a rerun of the Twelve Days of Christmas being sung by everyone present. Participants enjoyed a chili supper and the appearance of Santa. On a very, very cold December 18th, 2005, many of the same community members and guests gathered to once again celebrate the Christmas season. A few really willing carolers made a few quick stops around the town caroling. The hot cider at Jack and Ann's was an even more welcome treat this year. A soup buffet was served at the Community Center which was followed by Jack Preston playing some Christmas songs on the piano while the locals all joined in singing. Oh, must not forget the Twelve Days of Christmas song was the usual hit with the group and Santa again found his way to Hyattville to visit with all of the youngsters.

                                                 A festive group at the First Annual Christmas Festival
                                Carly Jeffers and Santa                       Brody Tharp, Kris Robertson and Santa
                                                           Jordan Herman on Santa's lap; Darby Greer and Michelle Shirran