2004 Gardening Seminar

Twenty-three individuals attended a gardening seminar hosted by the Hyattville Community Center and six master gardeners provided their expertise on March 20, 2004. The seminar was spearheaded by Pat Wedel from Hyattville.

Joyce Johnston taught the attendees the ins and outs of soil content with samples provided. Cheryl Wright offered specifics on growing herbs and vegetables. Troy Cooper of the UW Cooperative Extension Service provided tips on pruning. Jackie Anthony offered advice on water conservation and native plants that require less water. Nancy Ryan, chairman of the Park County Master Gardeners, provided expert advice on perennials, and Darleen Lamb delivered great suggestions on seeding.

Participants from Hyattville, Worland, Basin, and Cody attended to learn the facts of gardening from experts and to partake of the good food that was served at the noon meal. A second workshop was scheduled in April, 2005, but it had to be cancelled because gardeners were unable to attend the weekend selected. The Hyattville Community Center Board has recently received requests for another workshop. Check back on this website for further developments.

 Pat Wedel with presenters

Troy Cooper demonstrates pruning techniques