Craft Retreat - January 2006

This event was organized by Marylou Doyle and Linda Hamilton and was held January 30 and 31, 2006 in the HCC gym. The organizers hope to make this an annual event. It provided a wonderful time for people to come together to share crafting ideas and it proved to be a time where everyone could learn from their friends and neighbors while having some quality time to work on projects.

Enjoy the photos of participants working on projects and learning from others.
Gail Odegaard, Marylou Doyle, Amber Greer
Janet Hallsted and her sister, Joan

Kris Robertson hard at work on a project
June Booth organizing photos
Joan--out-of-town guest

Marylou Doyle at design wall
Show and Share pictures from projects that were in the process at the retreat

            Gail Odegaard's crazy quilt creation