Leadership Big Horn County 2006-07

The Leadership Big Horn County 2006-07 held their first meeting September 21, 2006 at the HCC. At the first of eight monthly meetings the group learned LBHC's history, received a course overview, learned the course expectations and requirements and found out about receiving college credit for the course.

Later in the morning teambuilding skills led by Rhonda Shipp, Leah Bruscino and Gretchen Gasvoda-Kelso were practiced with several exercises one being "All Aboard" on "Skis" through "Rush Hour" at the "River Crossing." Lunch was provided by Joanne's Hyattville Cafe and was served in the lunchroom at HCC to around 30 to 35 participants and educators.

The afternoon was spent learning "True Colors" with Warren Crawford and Amber Wallingford. Before catching the bus back to Basin, participants were introduced to the Group Project and Evaluation portion of the training. The entire group needs to come up with a project that will benefit the complete county and present the completed project by graduation in April.

The third Thursday of each month the participants will meet in a different community around our county and learn Communication Skills, Goal Setting, Conflict Management, and Leadership, with a focus on Citizenship, Assessment Day, Diversity and Graduation in April.