Previous Events: 2005 - 2006

CPR/First Aid Class taught by Lin Doyle
February 10, 2004 and July 12, 2006

Open House for Hyattville Community Center
Residents welcomed the official opening of the Hyattville Community Center with live music, dancing, and homemade treats. Wesley and Margaret Hyatt were present so the group could recognize them for their recent donation to the center.
March 3, 2004

Slide Show on Africa by Ted and Ruth Ann Cox
March 4, 2004

Jean Groshart from Worland presented THE REST OF THE STORY
A history presentation on George Saban and the Whaley, Seaman and Saban families.
April 18, 2004

Photography Workshop presented by Judy Neilson
This workshop emphasized photo composition and Judy took the group to the Medicine Lodge Archeological Site to shoot pictures. Later the group got back together to critique pictures and to learn about matting and mounting pictures.
April 24, 2004

Wedding of Alden Lanier and Toni Bulow
A beautiful wedding ceremony and reception were held in the HCC lunchroom.
July 17, 2004

United Methodist Harvest Dinners
With the availability of the HCC the United Methodist group was able to continue with their annual Harvest Dinner that has become a long-standing tradition in Hyattville.
October 2004 and 2005

Thank you to Gay Tharp and Welcome to Coralee Higgins
A thank you party to honor Gay for her many years of service as a Librarian in Hyattville. A time to welcome Coralee as the new Librarian.
October 26, 2004

Monday Morning Coffee
Local volunteers took turns hosting coffee hour on Monday mornings for several months as the Hyattville Cafe was closed on Monday's.

Weed & Pest and Cooperative Extension Dinner
This dinner was organized and prepared by Alden Lanier and a few other volunteers. Both the officials from the Weed & Pest and the Cooperative Extension made presentations on work they are doing in the county. Hal Dicks from the architectural firm in Powell also spoke to the group on the building assessment work that had been completed.
January 20, 2005

Bridal Showers
Several bridal showers have been hosted at the HCC lunchroom. Some of the honored guests were Diane Hamilton, Michelle Vigil, Chantill Caines, Jenna Shelhamer and Amanda Mullins.

Funerals and Funeral Dinners
Kelly Dryer--January 23, 2006

Cooperative Extension Dinner
Heidi Harris and Barton Stam presented informative programs on heifer management and rangeland monitoring to about 35 people after a Barbeque Beef dinner. The evening was organized by Julie Greer and Linda Hamilton.
January 21, 2006

The HCC has been the gathering place for many meetings including the Paintrock Punchers 4-H Club, HCC Board, the Hyattville Services and Improvement District, and the Big Horn County Weed & Pest.

Cowboy Carnival Planning Supper
Twenty-one people were in attendance with the Hyattville youth serving and cleaning up. It was also a time for thanking all the adults for their dedication to raising money for fixing up the center. April 23, 2006

Paintrock Punchers 4-H Club Lock-In
A fun-filled, long night of games and fun for the 4-H Club members.

WACD 2006 Area III meeting
The South Big Horn Conservation District hosted the annual Area III meeting for the Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts. During the morning the group toured the Greer feedlot and the Doyle/Herman working corrals. Both were projects sponsored by the Conservation District which utilized grant monies awarded to the District from the Wyoming Department of Agriculture and monies from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Area III awards were presented at the noon luncheon and the business meeting was held in the afternoon.

2007 Halloween Haunted House