2006 Christmas Festival

Skylar Tharp and Santa

On December 17, the HCC lunchroom again became the  gathering spot for the annual Christmas festival. A great group of carolers made their way around the town to carol to local residents. Jack and Ann Joyce, assisted by Merle and Eleanor Hamilton, provided hot cider mid-way through the caroling. Hopefully, Jack and Ann will never be out of town during our caroling event because warm cider has become the highlight for the Hyattville carolers.

An evening carry-in meal featuring Julie Greer's famous chili soup was hosted at the HCC lunchroom. Attendees had the usual good time visiting with neighbors, and were again given the opportunity to try their skill at singing the Twelve Days of Christmas with designated groups singing different lines to the song.

Santa made his usual appearance as in years past. This was a highlight for the youngsters in the crowd. Each child received a sack of treats which were provided by local donors.


Photos on this page are courtesy of John Johnson.  Thank you, John, for sharing your photos of the Christmas Party.