Halloween Haunted House 2007

The latest Hyattville haunted house got it's beginning when Kelli Mercer asked Dave Taylor about putting it on with the 4-H kids. She said the 4-H would do the party if Dave would be willing to do the haunted house.

The following is a write-up from Dave about fun Halloween evening:

"Since we hadn't done it for awhile, and since I hate to see our kids have to go somewhere to do things, I decided to do it. I put out some feelers to see if anyone wanted to help scare the customers. Julie Greer, Nancy Jones, and Peg Johnson volunteered (more or less as I begged pretty hard), and then since I was needing some more warm/cold bodies to act as characters, I contacted some folks but wasn't getting anywhere. But then things worked out that Cis and Brock Snider got asked and they accepted with ghoulish glee. At almost the last moment Nancy had to bow out, but she suggested Dee Dee, who was eerily happy to help. Basically, I just made a path through the Community Center that Julie and I could lead people through, with several stops along the way that I hoped would generate a few screams, at least from the guys. I think we got Keith, anyway, with the mystery box.

It was no Disneyland extravaganza, but the props were easy to do, the volunteers dressed up beautifully (?) and performed like pros. Lee Snider actually was a "walk on" almost at the very last moment and in the "Hall of Hands", he did a great job of grabbing. You kind of knew it was going to happen, but he still got "ya."!! I think most of the kids were most afraid of going through this part.

Witch 1 (Peg Johnson) was the greeter who made sure you were courageous enough to go through the hall by having you put your hands in the Boxes of Bravery. Dee Dee was the mysterious "thing" that scared the beejeezsus out of almost everyone. Brock was the Mummy--and a better mummy I would dare anyone to try to find. Awesome performance. Cis was the witch behind the door and was of the "screaming-grabber" category. She got some people really good. Of course, Julie was the other "Guide to the Netherworld" and as a witch, she has no equals.

I also want to thank John Johnson and Mike Gentzler who helped erect, and take down the house. If missed thinking anyone, or got some of the details befuddled, it was not intentional, just the brain getting old and inoperable. I do honestly believe that all who helped me (I'll call them the SPOOKER'S) had way more fun than any of the SPOOKEE'S.