2008 Events At A Glance

Kasey and Kale Pryor's 1st Birthday

Brian and Audrey Pryor hosted a birthday party for Kasey and Kale, twin daughters, on their 1st birthday. The twins didn't turn one-year old on March 19th, but got to celebrate the festivities on Sunday, March 16 to better accommodate guests. All of the young ones had fun playing games in the gym and the other attendees enjoyed visiting with neighbors and friends.


Grace Mercer's Birthday Celebration

Jenny & Justin Mercer invited everyone in the community to a special birthday celebration for Grace's 2nd birthday on March 2. The party was complete with all of the details--a treasure hunt with the end prizes being little stuffed monkey sling shots for all of the participants, angel wing decorating, games in the gym, cupcakes, and make-you-own ice cream sundaes. The party was a fun opportunity for guests to visit and enjoy all of the treats.


American National Bank Dinner and Presentation

On February 20, the HCC Community Center was the host location for a free dinner for the community sponsored by the American National Bank of Worland. Employees from the bank graciously cooked hamburgers and provided salad, beans, and dessert for those who attended the dinner. After the meal bank employees shared information about some of the services the bank has to offer to customers such as protection from identity theft, internet banking, and on-line bill paying. The Bank has partnered with the nation's most trusted names in identity theft protection, to provide recovery services for all Personal Checking Account customers who fall victim to identity theft for ANY reason.

A representative from the Casper American National Bank was on hand to do a presentation about the bank's newest feature--e-deposit. With the use of a check scanner and a home computer, clients can now deposit checks right from their own offices and never have to leave home to make a special trip to the bank or to the post office to mail deposits.

The bank also provided some freebies for participants and drew for a couple of door prize items.


HCC Board Meeting and REA Presentation

A part of the regular meeting of the HCC Board was the presentation of a generous $3,000 donation to the Community Center by the Rural Electric Association of Basin in memory of Milton Hyatt, long-time Hyattville resident. Milton served on the local REA Board for many years and Tom Delaney, current President of the REA Board was present at the meeting to present the donation to Kevin Negus, HCC President. Also, attending on behalf of the REA Board was John Joyce, REA Board member. Tom recognized Milton for his dedication and years of service. Also, present to represent the Hyatt family was Milton's wife, Loretta, and his daughter, Teresa Brown, both from Thermopolis.