Quilt Raffle History

Carl Bezilla of Kirtland, Ohio was the winner of the 2008 quilt which was pieced by the Hyattville Quilters and machine quilted by Jeanne Knudsen of Cody. Carl has been coming to the Hyattville area to hunt deer, elk and pheasants for nearly 30 years. Many of the Hyattville residents know Carl as he has been a great fan of the Harvest Dinner and has participated in many activities while he spends the month of October in Hyattville. He has been reading Bill and Julie Greer's copy of "Paintrock Tales and Bonanza Trails" and has enjoyed it very much. Skylar Tharp drew the winning ticket at the drawing October 26. Congratulations Carl! We all hope you enjoy the quilt. 

The following is synopsis of how the quilt raffles came to be.  During the cold, winter months of 2005 Marylou Doyle, Kris Robertson, Eleanor Hamilton, June Booth, and Linda Hamilton constructed a quilt called, Patriotic Stars.  The beautiful red, white, and blue star theme quilt was machine quilted by the Wyoming Quilting Company, Jeanne Knudsen, of Cody.  Jeannie donated her quilting talents to help make this project a success.
The quilt was first displayed at the annual Cowboy Carnival Quilt Show on May 28th, and this event kicked off raffle ticket sales.  The queen-sized quilt was on display during the Hyattville Old Timer’s celebration in July, at the annual Hyattville Methodist Harvest Dinner in October, and also found a home in the window at Big Horn Quilts during the raffle ticket selling period.  The quilters and the History Committee members knocked on doors and lobbied many businesses and made nearly $800. 
Money raised from the quilt ticket sales was earmarked by the Hyattville Community Center Board for use by the History Committee.  According to Denise Herman, Co-Chair of the History Committee, the funds were used to purchase scrapbooks and other much need supplies to help the committee organize the huge quantity of pictures and news clippings that were accumulating as the group collected information for the future Hyattville history book.  Please click here to learn more about the history work that has been completed so far or stop by the Hyattville Community Center and take a look at some of the scrapbooks that depict some of the old history of Hyattville and its people as well as some of the recent events.
Immediately following the Harvest Dinner in early October, the magic ticket was drawn.  The lucky winner was Adrienne Twitchell from Hyattville.  Adrienne graciously donated the quilt back to the group, and it was decided that the quilt would be auctioned off at the 2006 Cowboy Carnival auction, again, with the monies being earmarked for research and publication expenses incurred by the History Committee.  Adrienne, an FFA teacher at Ten Sleep High School, told the group that she understands how hard it is to raise money for worthy causes and felt that she’d like to donate the quilt back and provide one more opportunity for raising much needed funds.  The Hyattville Community Center and the History Committee owe a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Adrienne for her generosity.  The quilt was sold at the Cowboy Carnival auction on May 28th and was purchased by Sharon Redland.  Thanks, too, to Sharon for supporting the History Committee work.
As winter approached, again, the local quilters decided to try their hands at making another quilt to be raffled off during 2006.  Monies from this quilt will be earmarked for the history expenses as well.  This new quilt is a queen-king log cabin style design and will also be machine quilted by Jeanne Knudsen.  In 2007 the group constructed the above quilt and raffle tickets are currently being sold on it.
Even though making a large quilt like this involves days and days of donated time, the group hopes to continue creating a quilt every year either to help defray costs incurred by the History Committee or for the Hyattville Community Center.  It has been a wonderful time for the quilters to get together and learn from each other and to experience the satisfaction of working together as a team to complete a worthwhile project.
On right, Debbie Lewis, Basin.  Debbie was the winner of the second raffle quilt produced by the Hyattville Quilters.