Building Renovation Update

The SLIB (State Lands and Investment Board) consisting of 5 members, Governor Mead, Auditor Cloud, Secretary of State, Maxfield, State Treasurer, Gordon, and Cindy Hill, Public Schools, met today at 8:30 a.m.. By 9:11 a.m. I had confirmation that the board unanimously passed Phase IV construction of HCC. Consisting of acoustical tiles, heating and ventilation in the gym, floor covering throughout the building, upgrading the kitchen, plus some outside concrete work making sure the water is carried away from the foundation.
CONGRATULATIONS HYATTVILLE, you all have done a great job making this happen. Without your efforts our team couldn’t have succeeded. Thank you all! NOW THE HARD PART IS ABOUT TO BEGIN! Expect 4 to 6 more months of construction at our center. Hoping by June 1st to have the paperwork in order so the bidding process can begin.
NOW LETS MAKE 2013 COWBOY CARNIVAL THE BEST EVER. As you all know we need $15,000 from this year’s Cowboy Carnival for our final match for this grant. Once the carnival is complete over the Memorial Day weekend we will be ready to begin the final phase of construction. Yipee!!! J Call Jess Tharp if you have a special event or area you would like to help with. The CC team is working hard already gathering donations of many sorts for the big day!
Update by Kris Robertson