Recent Artwork Donation - Thank You!

The HCC Board is honored to accept a painting donated to the center by Mary Clucas of Basin.  Mary and her husband, Jack, lived in the Shell area for many years before retiring to Basin and enjoy researching historical events in the Big Horn Basin area.  The historic 1887 Mail Trail came through Hyattville and continued on into the Red Gulch area and over the mountain to Shell.  According to the write up accompanying the painting, the mail was carried by wagon, horseback, on sleds, and by men with snowshoes.  The trail was used for mail delivery as well as the transportation of freight and supplies for residents of the area.  This wonderful artwork depicts the wagon mode of delivery and the dedication of the individuals that risked their lives to move the mail and supplies to the frontier lands.

Thank you, Mary, for your generous donation to the Hyattville Community Center.  The Hyattville community appreciates you sharing your talents with us.


  1. Thanks, Mary, for your nice donation. The Board really appreciates it.

  2. Denise: Saw your comment, but I saw it when I was cleaning up a lot of the test comments and I accidentally deleted it! So sorry! (Kristi)


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