Community Center Building Renovations Update

by Kris Robertson

Progress is happening at the HCC!  It seems we've had some confusion with our outreach for donations for the new stove and it being available by Harvest Dinner 2013.  Apologies for that oversight, but look forward to it in 2014.  The price was right, and we had to act fast to get such a great deal on such a good stove.  With an 800 pound stove, we don't want to install it more than once, so the price has been guaranteed, but the stove will not ship until we are closer to the finishing touches.

We did meet our donation goal to obtain the stove - thank you so much to those of you who have donated!  If you have committed but not yet paid, please send your payment to HCC, PO Box 41, Hyattville, WY 82428.  And thank you!

The stove is just one part of our progress.  We have a floor sample in the kitchen for anyone who is curious.  I've traveled to Cowley's Rocky Mountain High School and inspected an installation of this type of flooring.  I visited with both the Custodian and the Principal, and they are very satisfied with it so far.  They also showed me some other flooring that they've tried which has not been satisfactory, so in all this was a positive trip. 

We are also making progress with the acoustic upgrades, but still have some homework to do.  There are a number of exciting products, and we appreciate the efforts and contributions for this as well.  At the end of November we should be able to sign-off on the guaranteed maximum price threshold, and will be able to advertise for bids. 

If you have any questions or comments on the upgrade, you can post them here or email me directly.  Until next month, Happy Thanksgiving!

Kris Robertson

Our new stove:

Stove Specifications:
Ship weight: 791 lbs
Base type: Standard Oven
Burner Type: Mixed
Burners: 6
Dimensions: 57"x59"x34.5"
Oven Racks Included:  2
Rack Capacity:  4
Power:  Propane
BTUs - Griddle Burner:  40,000
BTUs - Open Burners:  30,000
BTUs - Oven:  33,000
Total BTUs:  286,000


  1. Good job!! This part of the building renovation is certainly more exciting than some work in the past. We are so close!!


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