December Building Update

by Kris Robertson

December Community Center Update: FLOORING

Thanks to everyone who has taken time to view the sample and provide feedback. We have received and listened to the comments, and most of them focused on the color. To review, our objectives for the flooring were the following:

1. Something that would help absorb sound
2. Something that would insulate our cold floors
3. Something that would be easy to maintain and clean
4. Something that is a low liability not slick, but something that we could still play basketball on
5. Something that is eye appealing
6. Something that fits within our budget parameters

The sample that we have found seems to rate highly on all the qualities above, except perhaps for being eye-appealing. That is a harder item to handle since it is subjective, but it’s also the easiest one to manage! We have not received additional flooring samples or suggestions to consider, so we are still considering the flooring that has been under review. However; to help with our assessment, a larger 4 ft. x 8 ft. sample is on its way. It will also have the highest amount of light “speckle” at 24%. This sample will be large enough that we can walk on it to get a better feel for it.

It is worth noting that dark flooring is more common than we might imagine – movie theaters, stores, hotels, meeting halls, museums, public places – many of these have dark hardwood floors, or even dark carpeting.

To make the best of a dark floor, we can combine the flooring with lighter wall colors, ceiling colors, lighting, or other accents available for the situation at hand. The updated flooring will help us hear each other talk. It will provide an area where we can keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It can provide a place to take our kids, grandkids or the neighbor’s kids over to play; or our elderly parents or grandparents for someplace to get exercise when it’s icy outside. Finally, it will significantly lower our liability by eliminating a slick surface.

Please don’t stop commenting on our progress. It is evident that we all love where we are and want to preserve our public gathering place for events of all sizes. As a member of the Hyattville community, we all have a say in our building. Please know too that your building committee is committed to finish the project we have started with the best choices available to us.

Next month watch for what’s next: RAW photography.


  1. Looking forward to the bigger sample!

  2. Larger sample should arrive we hope by next week. Come to coffee at the center. But if you can't come we will post on FB and e-mail when it arrives for us all to look at.


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