January Building Update and Work Days at HCC

by Kris Robertson
Bid letting for the final phase of construction was January 17, 2014 in Basin at the Fair Grounds. For this project we have 14 separate bid packages. We have bids from contractors from Greybull, Billings, Powell, Lovell, Worland and Cody. A quick look at the packages:   
  • Painting,
  • Porcelain Floor Tile – Bathrooms and kitchen,
  • Flooring in the Museum,
  • Commercial Rolled Rubber Floor,
  • Panel Wall Covering – Kitchen,
  • Vinyl base,
  • Acoustical Baffles, Acoustic Cork Siding & Ceiling Panels,
  • Basketball Standards,
  • Patch & Repair Drywall & Plaster,
  • Concrete, concrete cutting, trench drains and site drainage,
  • Heating & Ventilation,
  • Kitchen Equipment,
  • Plumbing, and
  • Electrical
Construction is scheduled to begin next Tuesday, February 4, 2014. What this means is the center will be closed temporarily from February 3rd, thru May 20th, 2014 with a few exceptions (the Anita and Highland Ditch meeting on the 4th will still take place in the cafeteria).
Things are moving much faster than we anticipated. Contractors want to begin work ASAP. The propane tank for the center will be filled by HCC on Monday February 3rd, then when construction is complete it will be filled again and covered by the grant.
WORK DAYS AT THE CENTER– All willing and able bodies needed once again to pack up and move the contents of the center to support the start of construction on Tuesday, February 4! 
Please put Tuesday January 28th and/or Wednesday January 29th on your calendars. All you out-of-Hyattville employed folks that can’t come during the week, please take a walk through on Saturday the 1st or Sunday the 2nd just to make sure we are finished!!  
  1. We need to pack all the books and everything from the kitchen and library (except coffee supplies to be moved after the meeting on the 3rd and moved to the bus barn). All dishes & books etc should fit in the janitor’s room off the gym, where the tables and chairs are kept.  
  2. Small side of the bus barn needs rearranged: As the contractors get started with the flooring they will move all the counters, frig, freezer, dishwasher, sinks ect to that cleaned out small side.
These items have been added the calendar and Facebook reminders will be sent out.

Let’s gather at 9:00 am during coffee and see what we can do in 2 hours! Bring boxes and any newspaper you have to wrap dishes in. Boxes and a wagon or dolly would be great help if anyone has either.

Construction completion day is now set for May 20, 2014!  What they don’t finish will of course be rolled over and finished after our 2014 Cowboy Carnival!