Fire Protection Town Meeting - Friday, May 2, 6:30 at the Bar & Cafe

Important Meeting for Hyattville Residents regarding Fire Protection
Friday, May 2 at 6:30 pm, at the Hyattville Bar & Café.
Joann will be serving a $5.00 special meal. 

Please plan to attend and provide your opinion.

Option 1: **see note below**
Hyattville could petition Manderson to join Manderson's Fire District.  This would entail meeting with Manderson, putting the issue to a vote, and then Manderson Fire District accessing a levy on Hyattville residents to fund a substation here in Hyattville.  It would also ensure that Manderson would have some obligation to support fire fighting needs here.  

Option 2:
Hyattville can create a fire district (and board).  This would allow us to coordinate with Ten Sleep, Manderson, Basin areas and receive some support from the County.  This would require a petition to be added to the next ballot to allow residents to vote approval. That creates the Fire District.  The Fire District can then levy a mill (tax) on Hyattville properties to collect funds to support the fire district.  Or fundraising - the example was Shell, which does not have a Fire District, but does engage in fundraising to support their volunteer fire department.  

Do you have any other suggestions?

Other notes:
All agricultural burns must be called in.
Who would liketo be a Hyattville Volunteer Fire Fighte?.  With people identified, Brent Godfrey and Carl Meyers will help us create the training for the volunteers, along with training on using our Fire Truck and establishment of a routine maintenance schedule.  
Clarification courtesy of John Joyce:
The fire hall for Fire District #3 is located in Manderson but the Town itself is not part of the district. In the past the town of Manderson had it’s own fire department. Several years ago they sold their truck and contracted with Fire District #3 for fire protection. The town pays the same amount that is levied on their taxes for fire protection to the fire district.
So if Hyattville wanted to work something out with the “Manderson Fire Department” it would actually be with Fire District #3. Joe Wildman is the chairman now and Bill Bjornstad and I are the other two board members. I think the board terms are four years. Don Brewer is the fire chief. We meet the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm at the fire hall, if anyone wants to attend they are always welcome. You can get a hold of any board member or the chief if you need more info. John