Spring Flood Preparations

On Thursday, April 10, Brent Godfrey - Big Horn County's Fire Warden, and Jason Beal - Big Horn County Emergency Coordinator, paid a visit to the Hyattville Bar & Cafe this evening to discuss Spring Flooding preparations and how they can help us this year in the event of potentially heavy snowmelt.  Brent and Jason were also joined by Jerry Ewen and John Hyde.
Flood Potential
In 2011, during the last big Spring Flooding event in Hyattville, the snowpack in the mountains was at 122% for moisture recharge. This year, it is 135%, and that is before the snow anticipated this weekend. It is safe to say that Medicine Lodge and Paintrock Creeks will be affected.  
What We Can Do to Prepare
  • Landowners are encouraged to remove debris removal from flood-prone areas to eliminate the chance of ramming objects floating downstream.
  • An Emergency Response Trailer with bags and sand will be staged at the junction of Highway 31 and the Cold Springs Road turnoff next week (week of April 13th). Over the next several days, anytime you are passing by, feel free to stop and load a few bags with sand.
  • Anyone with flatbed trailers not in use is welcome to park them there as well, so sandbags can be loaded onto them to be distributed where needed.
  • Additionally, anyone with a fork lift type vehicle that might be able to help move pallets (that Lois and Tom will be donating) would be appreciated.
  • Notifications will also be posted on the HCC Facebook page and Website (www.hyattville.org) for the community.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact Brent Godfrey, or drop a note to hyattvillecommunitycenter@gmail.com

Any other suggestions to prevent flood damage potential are welcome!