11th Annual Cowboy Carnival Winners Circle

Congratulations to our area winners for the events from this year’s Cowboy Carnival!  Do you have photos from the event? We'd love to link to them on Facebook or feature some on the website if so - drop us a line in the comments or via email at hyattvillecommunitycenter@gmail.com.   The Quilt Show winners were announced separately, but you can find those at this link on our website.  Without further ado, and in no particular order, here they are:

Sharpshooter Contest
1st  Kirk Odegaard
2nd Asa Mercer
3rd  Virgil Bailey

Dog Trial Winners
Working Ranch class
1st Jean New with her dog Chance
2nd Mike Lloyd with his dog Dee

Open class
1st Lisa Cunningham with Red
2nd Lisa Cunningham again, with Jill
3rd Luke Keller with Haze
4th Allison Jarrard with Rob

Horse Race Winners
1st Don Clark
2nd Melissa Braten

1st Melissa Braten
2nd Katie Cuprak

1st Buck Braten
2nd Don Clark

Bareback race
1st Buck Braten

Kids’ BB Gun Shooting Results
Age 5-6
1)Lumas Alexander
2)Carter Cox
3)Walker Cox

Age 7-8
1)Walker Cooper

Age 9-10
1)Dante Dawson
2)Johnny Christman
3)Ashton Prentence

Age 11-12
1)Skylar Tharp/Zayne Walker

Photography Winners
1st Place:  Denise Herman - Paintbrush
2nd Place: Keonna Herman - Battleground House
3rd Place:   Sharon Redland - Birds of Summer
Featured Artist and Judge: Cayde Cuprak

Winners were Darin Gullings and Rich Clack, and the runners-up were Ryan and Albert.  I apologize – I did not get these runners-up’s last names.  If you are one, or you know them, please let us know so that we can correct this!!

Cribbage Tournament Winners
1st  Austin Alexander, Manderson
2nd Joe Gerstner, Casper

Pie Baking Contest
Single Crust Division
1st  June Booth – Pecan
2nd Deb Lungren – Rhubarb
3rd Lory Greer – Rhubarb Cream Cheese

Double Crust Division
1st Deb Lungren – Raspberry
2nd Kris Robertson – Strawberry/Rhubarb
3rd Skylar Tharp – Cherry/Peach

Miscellaneous Division
1st Kris Robertson – Buttermilk
2nd Amanda Tharp – Perigordine Walnut
3rd Mrs. Tony Anson – Brownie

Kids Under 12 Division
1st Skylar Tharp – Cherry Peach