Hyattville Community Center Construction Update

Kris Robertson for the building committee

Did you enjoy seeing the progress of the center during Cowboy Carnival? We were so thankful it was as close to being finished as it was, but we are only at 85% complete. What this means is before any more use can happen the building needs to be at 100%. This could take two weeks or two months, no one can tell us what problems lie ahead. There are no guarantees in construction, weather or really anything.

As you all are aware it has been 11 long years this fall since we began the project of renovation. Nothing has come easy. Each phase has had its plusses and minuses. Not only has the community of Hyattville faced something this large for the first time, it has been a first for our state and federal help, too. We have been paving new roads from the beginning and have struggled but made it through each phase. This last phase is no exception. This is a first again for this type of flooring and we do not think we ought to risk the long term quality/stability of the flooring by opening our doors too quickly. The flooring still needs two coats of sealant and this cannot be done until all other construction is 100% complete so the flooring can be commercially cleaned then sealed. We hope all will understand our reasoning, and especially those who have been such strong supporters of the center and the project. We all have spent a lot of time and energy getting our building where it is now. A little more time is needed before any use can take place.

The contractors were good to work with, they knew from the beginning we had a fundraiser on Memorial Day Weekend and worked with us to make this happen. They all know how important our volunteers are to the success of the building. It’s not all about making money: it’s also about building character, and together we have shown the Big Horn Basin and beyond what Hyattville is made of, how well we work together and what we can accomplish. I think we all for generations to come will be proud of what we together have accomplished. We need to be mindful of the liability on our shoulders and give the contractors the room to finish. Please bear with us as we finish the building.

What is in the 15% left to finish – some electrical, some plumbing, some equipment placement (stove, heating/ventilation system), finishing and sealing the flooring, some walls to block out the tunnels in the boiler room, more acoustical tiles in the smaller rooms. The building committee is also working on some ideas to complete the grounds with some of the contingency dollars not used elsewhere. We will solicit some ideas from the community once the above 15% is complete and we know exactly how much is left in our contingency fund.

So until then please stay positive, supportive and tuned in for another update on your community center.