Hyattville Fire Protection Meeting Outcome

Our first training meeting - Fire Truck Operations - is scheduled for Thursday, May 15th, at 7:00 pm.  It will be held in the Bus Barn behind the Community Center - this is where the Fire Truck is currently housed.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Three options discussed at town meeting regarding Fire Protection for Hyattville on May 2, 2014:
Option 1:  Petition Manderson to create a Hyattville substation of their Fire District. 
Discussion:  Attendees didn’t want to pursue this.
Option 2:  Hyattville to form its own Fire District.
Discussion – Benefits:  You create a legal entity in this way, which enables you to secure grants, matching funds, and equipment more readily from other agencies.  Cost impact (assuming a maximum 3 mill levy) would be fairly minimal except for all but the largest landowners. 
Drawbacks:  doing this is an approximate 18 – 24 month timeline because it requires an official petition to be on the ballot, then a majority vote of all landowners, then the finalization of our district boundaries to be approved before the Fire District is created.  This happens before the mill levy is proposed and assumed accepted by local landowners.  
Option 3:  Hyattville to form a Volunteer Fire Department.
Discussion – Benefits:  something that can be started right now.  Still requires a board to run the basic administration of the organization, along with folks to volunteer for both firefighting training as well as making phone-tree calls to the community.  With the creation of a board, and help from Carl Meyers, we can work with the County Commissioners who can help take responsibility for licensing, insurance, and other legal matters.  If we do this now and find that donations are hard to come by, we can use this as a springboard to move to the creation of a Fire District if desired.
Attendees voted to create a Hyattville Volunteer Fire Department
Nominations and volunteers were offered up to create our initial Board – accepted positions are:
  • Lois Shirran – President
  • Leslie Jeffers – Vice President
  • Kathy Brody – Treasurer
  • Kristi Robison – Secretary
All nominations / volunteers were approved.  A meeting of the new board will be called in the near future to capitalize on the positive momentum of this initial meeting. 
A list was created with volunteers signing up for either Firefighter training, call-tree phone-outs, or both.  Because of the lack of cell service in the area, using the time-tested call-tree method will be revised and updated.
Brent Godfrey and Carl Meyers have offered training support.  In order for training to be effective (and to bring Brent and crew to town), there is a requirement for at least 8 people to attend.  The training that our area needs is best dictated by our water availability.  Because of this, Brent suggested training focus on wild land and external building fire fighting training.