Update on the Final Phase of Building Construction

September 11, 2014 Community Center Update
by: Kris Robertson, HCC Building Committee
The last time we sent out a community update was just after Cowboy Carnival, at which time our Final Phase of Construction was about 75% complete. The first 75% went relatively quickly. Let's take a moment and look at the overall status of this final phase:
  • Grant was signed June 10, 2013.
  • Completion date June 30, 2015 - we are ahead of schedule. 
  • Reporting complete June 30, 2018   
  • July & August 2013 - Interviews and hiring of Construction Manager, Pryor Mountain Engineering.
  • September, October, November and December - Planning, advertising, and bidding; still anticipation of June 1, 2014 to begin construction.
  • End January 2014 - Bids are in and awarded. 
  • Contractors want to begin February 1st. This is where you all rallied once again and came together as a community and we moved and cleaned the center in basically one day (two were planned) and were ready ahead of schedule for the contractors. You all did a wonderful job of helping. Again many hands make light work. Thank you.
  • February, March, April to May 20th contractors worked hard, ripping and tearing then putting back together with all the new colors and materials. This was really the fun stage.
  • May at 75% complete
  • May 25 - very successful Cowboy Carnival 
  • August 18th - 87%
  • SEPTEMBER 30, 2014 - our target completion date.
Here is a peak at what is left to complete. The center will be closed Sept 20th thru 30th to accomplish these items: 
  •  Hood suppression system and stove installation
  •  Kitchen door lock changed
  •  Wood butcher block countertops finished
  •  Flooring throughout - finishing touches
  •  Sweep on boiler room door
  •  Base & tile - finishing touches in three rooms and stairs
  •  Trim a few doors
  •  Add gravel where needed outside.
 There are some things that will have to be finished by HCC funds and/or of volunteers very soon after we close out the building.  Those include:
  1. Painting the boiler room, or at least scrubbing the floor clean so it won’t track into the rest of the building.
  2. Painting the benches that fit nicely around the gym. These need to be the cocoa color and then placed back in the gym.
  3. Removing the items stored in the bus barn, and in the old janitor's room. This will need community wide help, since there is a lot of clutter both in bus barn and janitors room, and we should probably take the time to think about what goes back into the building and what should be disposed of. 
Finally, there are a number of groups within our small community that signed letters of support for the center, either late 2012 or early 2013. Thank you to some of you for honoring and paying HCC for your designated meeting or gathering room, even before completion!   Others are working on an agreement as they see what space they will actually have and what it might be worth to them. These support letters were meant to show support for the grounds and buildings that the Cemetery District owns, and the Community Center operates, to show viability and longevity. Please consider your group and its ability at this time to rent a portion of the building, what that space is worth to your group, and what you can afford.   
If you haven’t already taken a tour of HCC, please join us at the 2014 Annual Meeting!  It will be held October 2nd at 6:30 p.m..  More on the specifics will be provided closer to the date. Send your agenda items to Jessica Tharp, Secretary.   
Thank you for all your help!!