November Work Day Success!

We want to extend a huge THANK YOU to Guy and Jill Tharp, Brian and Shelley Dunlop, Natalie and Beckett Tharp, Keonna Herman, Tom and Nancy Booth Zierolf, Bob Herman, Kathy Brody, June Booth, Jessica Tharp, Jack and Ann Joyce, Lory and Dave Greer, Eleanor and Merle Hamilton, Todd and Nancy Jones, John Johnson, Kevin and Eva Negus, Linda and Keith Hamilton, Dave Wieland, Cayleigh Herman and Joe Gerstner, and everyone who was able to turn out and help with our Clean Up Day.  

A big Special Thank You goes out to Denise Herman. She provided the Chili Lunch and was instrumental in leading the planning effort before-hand for a more efficient work day for everyone! We sure live in a wonderful community.

Photos of the event below courtesy of Natalie Tharp.