January 2015 Board Meeting Announcement

Mark your calendars to attend the next HCC Board Meeting!
January 7, 2015, 7:00 p.m., at the Hyattville Community Center Cafeteria.  As with all Board Meetings, the public is invited to attend and participate. 

  • ​Building Update
  • Building Use Policy update
  • Public Input
  • Library update
  • History update
  • Brainstorm what we want the building to “look like” in 10 years as far as use, and start working on that goal
  • Finalize prices and use forms
  • Who does what with the building update and decision-making
  • Discussion and Vote on Vacuum Cleaner for building
  • Cowboy Carnival
  • Additions? Contact Denise Herman at herman@tctwest, 469-2247, or 250-5280