History Room at the Hyattville Community Center

F.J. Walters' store and hotel, Hyattville, 1911, Wyoming State Archives
HISTORY ROOM Information
We are putting the history room together - it is in process.  If you have extra time and want to go look at it,  you are encouraged to do so! It is open for visiting even though it is not even close to being finished. It may be a nice Christmas season activity for you! It is in the northwest classroom at HCC.  We would love any help or suggestions you may wish to provide.
WANT TO HELP just a little?  Why, thank you… 
I am trying to put together a map display of the town throughout history. If you have pictures of town pictures, would you print them, label them, and either hang them up in the location, or put them below the board, I would love it.  Feel free to arrange it in a better way. Town building information is greatly desired too!
The one board is for local turn of the century photos, so if you have some of them, we would love it! This can be 1900 turn of the century or 2000 turn of the century.  Copy them for us, label, and drop them off or hang them up.
Also, I will have a tub there for a time capsule (finally). If you would, put in your family photos (clearly labeled in a plastic sack), and any “things” you may have that are  from our time period (2000-2014).
We have a bookshelf that needs painted. We have lots needing organized and cleaning will make everyone happy.
  • Turn lights on if needed, but make sure to turn them off when you leave please.
  • The same holds true for the heat. Make it so you aren’t freezing but turn it to the lowest level when you leave.
  • Leave the door shut to save energy and make sure you latch it when you leave.
  • Feel free to look around; many of the scrapbooks are out (but not clearly labeled yet).
  • Leave materials in the room, but there is a checkout list for some of the research books.
  • If you want a picture, use your camera. They work well. We just want materials to stay in the room so everyone can enjoy them.
  • I love young children, but as with all of the building, please supervise children at all times.  Pins, the bell, bookshelves, and irreplaceable items may be tempting.
If you are interested in helping, give Denise a call (469-2247) or email. There are volunteer jobs for everyone.
Denise Herman
The History Committee