Cowboy Carnival Drop-In meeting

Quilt by Marylou Doyle will be included in the Live Auction

SUNDAY, May 17th 10-noon
We will have a drop-by the community center drop-in meeting to check on last minute details regarding Cowboy Carnival. We will be there between 10-noon. The main meeting will be at 10, but won’t last long.
This may also be a good time to get rooms cleaned that you are going to use or help clean a room for users. The vacuum is in the janitor’s room, and the mop is in the janitor’s closet. This would be a great help. There will be other people there to help too. Stop by if you want some questions answered or have suggestions.
This is our one big fundraiser. At this point we have approximately 90% of the use on the building on “no charge” (just donate) schedule. We do want to see if we can maintain doing it this way. After Cowboy Carnival this year, we have some other plans we will roll out to try and help with costs. We do have a money goal we need to meet. Board Members will share that on Sunday if that helps you decide. In the meantime, community support is greatly appreciated.
Cowboy Carnival is the next Sunday, May 24th. The quilt show will be on Saturday and for $5.00 you visit before the rush.
We hope you can make it. There is nothing like a beautiful sunny (or rainy) Memorial Day Weekend in Hyattville, Wyoming. Bring a lawn chair, relax, and be ready to smile.