Sharpshooter Contest during Cowboy Carnival

 Cowboy Carnival is Sunday, May 24! Among the many events planned for the day, don't forget to try your skills at the Sharpshooter Contest!

The sharpshooter contest begins at 1:30, so you’ll have time to enjoy the races in the morning and the BBQ Lunch. It will be at the South end of the airstrip (on the gravel road between Hyattville and Ten Sleep; this will be marked). Bring your own gun and a $10.00 entry fee for 3 shots at the target in 30 seconds and at 200 hundred yards. Smallest 3 shot grouping wins!! 50% of the Jackpot goes to the winner, and 50% of Jackpot to Hyattville Community Center. For more information contact Jim Legge at (307) 469-2233. This event is generously sponsored by the Ten Sleep-Hyattville Lions Club.