Your 2015 Cowboy Carnival Event Winners

Hyattville’s 12th Annual Cowboy Carnival was a great success last Sunday, despite the rainy weekend!  The Horse Races were cancelled, but all the other events were held as planned.  The proceeds from the Cowboy Carnival provide the operating costs for the Hyattville Community Center for the rest of the year, and we are so thankful for all those who attended and participated!  Here are your 2015 Event Winners:

Quilt Show:
Large Quilts:
1st:  Jo Orchard, Tensleep, “Old MacDonald Farm”
2nd:  Carol Throntveit, Worland, “Prairie Star”
3rd:  Kathleen Irons, Tensleep, “Lady of the Lake”

Medium Quilts:
 1st---Marylou Doyle, Hyattville, “Fractured Panel”
2nd---Carolyn Karhu, Basin, “Prince and Nell”
3rd---Ginny Singer, Powell, “Super Nora”

Small Quilts:
1st—Michelle Quick, Cody, “Little White”
2nd---Linda Nelson, Worland, “The North Forty”
3rd---Jan Barnett, Shell, “Zing of Green”

Other Quilted Items:
Carolyn Aichele, Lovell, “Sew Simple Vest”

Pie Contest: (corrected)
Single Crust
1st Place Tie: June Booth, Hyattville, with a Pecan pie, and Susan Legge, Hyattville, with Key Lime

Double Crust
1st Kate Richardson, Worland, Blueberry
2nd Debbie Lungren, Worland, Peach

1st Brody Tharp, Hyattville, Strawberry Rhubarb
2nd Skylar Tharp, Hyattville, Peach Raspberry
BB Gun Shoot:
Over 10:
1st: Tim Nichols-age 11
2nd: Sky Wartman - age 10
3rd: Jake Schlattman - age 10

Under 10:
1st: Sy Schlattman age 6
2nd: Masyn Wayman age 7
3rd: Sam Giles age 5

Cribbage Tournament
1st: Nick McMillian, Powell
2nd: Jordan Herman, Hyattville

Dog Trials
Ranch Class
1st: Dusty Smith, Hyattville
2nd: Bob Herman, Hyattville
3rd: Jean New, unsure of town
4th: Bob Herman, Hyattville

Trial Dog Class
1st: Luke Keeler
2nd: Luke Keeler,
3rd: Pete Meike, Kaycee
4th: Pete Meike, Kaycee

Sharp Shooter Contest
Under 15
Skylar Tharp, Hyattville

15 and Older
Woodrow Wayman, Hyattville

Thank you again to everyone who came out to enjoy good food, good family fun, and support our Hyattville Community Center!