Thank You to all our Community Volunteers

Well, another Cowboy Carnival year has come to a close.  This year was our 12th Cowboy Carnival, and it is the major annual fundraiser to support the ongoing operations of the Hyattville Community Center. While we did have a rain-out on the horse races, we were fortunate to have the great turnout that we did, and raised close to the same amount as last year.  

None of this could be possible without the tireless efforts of our community volunteers. This fact is even more endearing when you consider our town's population - about 75 people.  We had some volunteers from out of town, but on a numbers basis, almost everyone in Hyattville lends a helping hand for the Cowboy Carnival, which in turn helps us maintain the Community Center.    

We'd like to offer our very heart-felt appreciation to everyone who volunteered time and effort to make this year's Cowboy Carnival a success.  Please let us know if we've left anyone out.