2016 Cowboy Carnival Results

Our 2016 Cowboy Carnival Event Winners are....

Quilt Show

1ST  Kathy Hopkins, Greybull, “Mariner’s Compass”
2nd  Bill Webb, Greybull, “Out of Town”
3rd  Rose French, Powell, “A Long Winter”

1st  Carol Throntveit, Worland, “Fractured Cranes”
2nd  Jo Orchard, Ten Sleep, “Buffalo Winter”
3rd  Sherry Fink, Basin, “The Bear, The Bee  and Butterflies?”

1st  Sherry Fink, Basin, “Foxy”
2nd  Linda Nelson, Worland, “All Gussied Up”
3rd  Sherry Fink, Basin, “A’purr’agus” and also:
3rd  Sherry Fink, Basin, “Winter Cardinals”

1ST  Jo Orchard, Ten Sleep, “Flower Garden”
2nd  Margie Fassler, Worland, “Mola Fiesta”
3rd  Marylou Doyle, Hyattville, “Poppies”

Photography Show

Featured Artists—Sandy Dunn, Hyattville, and Belinda Daugherty, Ten Sleep

Professional—Sandy Dunn
Amateur—Tracy Neidig
Youth—Skylar Tharp

BB gun shoot

Age 4 – 6  Sam Giles
Age 7 – 8: TIE!  Zaine Landcaster and Danial Baker
Age 9 – 10: Laslow Landcaster (with a perfect score, 5/5)
Age 11 – 12  Dante Dawson

Sharpshooter Contest

$200 pot split with the winner
15 and Under - Sam Zizzo
 Cameron Caines – Adult Overall Winner

Pie Baking Contest

Single crust Fruit -
     1st Debbie Lungren - German Rhubarb
     2nd Aiden Searfoss with Apple Crumb
Double Crust Fruit -
     1st Sandy Dunn - Blueberry Rhubarb
     2nd Peg Johnson - Peach
     3rd Phillis Tharp - Cherry
Miscellaneous division
     1st June Booth - Pecan
     2nd Phillis Tharp - Pecan
     3rd Mae Smith & Suzanne Leland-Lym - Nutty Western Belles Pecan Sweet Potato

The overall winner this year is Sandy Dunn with her Blueberry Rhubarb.

Horse Race results

1ST  Melissa Braten
2nd: Heather Richter

1st:  Melissa Braten
2nd:  Mark Ringler

330 – the Championship Race:
1st:  Dusty Smith on Melissa Braten’s horse
2nd:  Mark Ringler

Dog Trail Results

Open Group
1st  Dale Buckley with Tuck in 1:29
2nd  Tom Stevie with Bo in 1:38
3rd  Alison Jarrard with Shep in 1:39
4th  Erasmo Garcia with Man in 1:40

Ranch Division:
1st  Jean New with Chance in 1:21
2nd Dusty Smith with Jake in 1:47
3rd  JP Francis with Cliff in 1:58
4th  Brenda Maslonka with Rain in 2:40

Funds Raised

The area raised over $13,000 this year – one of our best!  Thank you!


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