Photo Show and Peoples Choice Contest

There are 3 ways that you can participate:

Amateur (Three categories-small, medium and large pictures)
Amateur definition is anyone who has not profited from his/her photography in any way other than photo contests. Photos are not digitally enhanced.

Digitally Enhanced (Only amateurs will qualify for this division.)
Digitally Changed/Manipulated Division means there was digital manipulation for the specific photograph. This does not apply to photographic techniques contained within a camera's abilities (i.e. a manual shutter release used at night to capture fireworks or moving traffic). Nor does it apply to CROPPING an image. Because of varying darkroom techniques, this usually happens in some form anyway and is therefore allowed here.

Professional (including digitally enhanced photos) (1 category-all sizes)
Professional definition is anyone who profits from his/her photography in any way other than photo contests. Photos can be digitally enhanced.

ALSO, PLEASE label (click for printable labels) the back of your photo with your name, contact information, and division. We will take entries clear up to the morning of Cowboy Carnival as long as you are willing to help with the displaying of your entries if we run out of time. We can take photos at any time if you wish us to do so, but we have heard that people do come on Saturday and like to see pictures.

FYI: If you are not going to be there for all of the carnival, please ensure your name and phone number are on the picture, so we can call you in case you win. If we cannot reach you, we will pass on to the second place winner (and so forth.) Also, please make arrangements to pick up photos right after the carnival or the next morning. If possible, please have a way for us to hang the picture.

There will be overall prizes for the top three winners.

For more information email Denise Herman or call Denise at (307) 469-2247 or Kelly Darling at (307) 469-2222.