Shooting Events

The Shooting events begins after lunch, at the South end of  the airstrip (on the gravel road between Hyattville and Ten Sleep; this will be marked) - along fence line, on left, just past cattle guard, south of town.


The Rules

  • All events are 'bring your own gun'
  • Cowboy Carnival Entry Ticket required for participation - enjoy BBQ at 12:30, then come shoot!

  • $10.00 entry fee for 3 shots at the target in 30 seconds and at 200 hundred yards.
  • Smallest 3 shot grouping wins 50% of the Jackpot, and 50% to Hyattville Community Center.

Youth Target Shooting - .22 Caliber
  • 5-shot
  • Prizes for high score for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places
.22 Caliber - Long Distance
  • 100-foot exploding target
  • $5.00 entry fee - Jackpot 
High-caliber Long DistanceSorry, no .50 caliber rifles
  • 500-yard exploding target
  • $10.00 entry fee - Jackpot

For more information contact
Jim Legge at 469-2233

Cis Sylvester at 469-2432 
or Dave Wieland at (307) 469-2005.  

This event is generously sponsored by the Ten Sleep-Hyattville Lions Club.