Chauncey McMillan Memorial Sheep Dog Competition

You are invited to participate in the annual Chauncey McMillan Memorial Sheep Dog Competition!
*Note - we love furry friends! Dogs are allowed on the trial grounds,
but not the main grounds with the other events and activities, thank you.*
There will be two categories for the dog trials:  
  • Ranch Dog Class--This class will be for dogs that have never run in a sheep dog trial.
  • Open Ranch Class--Enter your dog here if they have participated in a sheep dog trail in the past.
Entry fees are $35.00 per dog. No early entry fees. You may send your entry early or enter the day of the dog trial.  Each contestant can enter up to two dogs.

Send entries to Jill Tharp, 1301 Hwy 31, Manderson, WY 82432 

Awards will be donated by Tharp Farms. Jackpot monies will be paid back to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th places--a small portion of the entry fees will be kept for the Hyattville Community Center.
Questions--call or email Jill Tharp - (307) 469-2235

Rules:  Dog and Handler will be a team. Just “get-r-done”. (Just like you were at home.)

Teams will follow the following course:

  • Start at the bottom of the course—time starts when you start!
  • Go to the top of the arena and pick up the sheep.
  • Go to the Bridge.
  • Go across the Bridge.
  • Turn to the left as soon as you cross and go under the bridge.
  • Then move sheep on to the trailer.
  • Put the sheep in the trailer.  As soon as the gate on the trailer is closed, the time will stop.

There will be one (1) point awarded per sheep per obstacle and per sheep loaded in trailer. For example, if a contestant got two (2) sheep across the bridge he/she would receive 2 points, three (3) sheep under bridge would add 3 more points, and five (5) sheep in trailer would add 5 more points. The above participant would score 10 plus time.


You may pass an obstacle and forfeit the points for that obstacle. Time limits will be announced at the trial. Absolutely no abuse of the sheep or dog will be tolerated. Any abuse will be a disqualification.  Tie-breaker will be a silent gather. Time limit to be announced.